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Made fresh daily!  Each empanada comes with your choice of mango salsa, avocado sauce or pico de gallo


  • EmpanadaChileanground beef with cumin and South American spices, egg and black olive

  • Baked

Argentine Chicken

  • shredded chicken, potato & cumin – Argentine style

  • Baked or Fried


  • EmpanadaJamaicanground beef, onions, green peppers and curry

  • Baked or Fried


  • EmpanadaVenezuelanshredded steak, black beans and plantain

  • Baked or Fried


  • ground beef, potato and adobo seasoning

  • Baked or Fried

Argentine Beef

  • ground beef, boiled egg, and a green olive

  • Fried


  • mozzarella, roma tomato and basil

  • Baked or Fried


  • spinach, feta, mushrooms and onions

  • Baked

Ham and Cheese

  • cheddar or mozzarella cheese and ham

  • Baked


  • mozzarella and pepperoni served with pizza sauce

  • Fried


  • delectable four cheese blend

  • Fried


Make it a Meal

$2.89 (add drink for $1.79)
  • MealComboadd the “meal” to your empanada: white rice, black or pinto beans, plantain and a cucumber tomato salad

Kids Meal

  • ham and cheese or pizza empanada, fresh fruit cup and juice box

Bowls and Salads

Empanada Bowl

  • chicken, beef, or vegan filling served over white rice

  • (gluten free option)

Express Salad

$3(S) or $5(L) (add chicken $3)
  • tomato, cucumber, black beans, queso fresco, tortilla strips, and avocado sauce dressing


Jamaican Nachos

  • Jamaican empanada filling served over tortilla chips, nacho cheese and topped with queso fresco

Puerto Rican Rice

  • SidePuertoRicanRicePuerto Rican rice with ham and pigeon peas

Plantain Chips

  • SidePlantainChipsthinly sliced, deep fried plantain with sea salt served with avocado sauce

Rice and Beans

  • white rice with your choice of black or pinto beans


Mama Melba's Quesillo

  • DessertQuesilloSouth American treat similar to flan (but better!)

Apple Pie Empanada

  • fresh apple pie filling with dulce de leche and dusted in cinnamon sugar

Banana Nutella Empanada

  • Sliced bananas, nutella and a dusting of cinnamon sugar topping.


fountain drink Coke products and juices      $1.99